You need a website. Why not do it yourself?

Why not design your own website? First of all, it will most likely look like you designed it yourself. Unless you have a few years in website design and understanding of how they work, it will probably fail. Every time I hear those commercials, I cringe. Not because I'm losing business, in fact I've seen too many clients spend hundreds of hours and get nowhere—and then they call us.

I know about owning a business and spending time where I'm most effective—most people should just leave it to those with sufficient experience. As in, I have a company car, and I have a mechanic that does maintenance and repairs. I wouldn't attempt to build or repair my car.

Does it look professional and have a good user experience? If you can't tell the difference, that is an indication that you should probably seek help. You will save money but won't gain what you would with a professional website designer. Why spend any money or time if it won't gain you anything?

In many cases, your prospective customers will get their first impression of your business or service or product from this website. You will want it to look professional and function in a way that is familiar and easy for your visitors. It should look professional. Think of it as a showroom in your office. When someone comes in, do you want it to look a certain way? Clean? Modern?  There are many factors in a successful website that you will probably miss if you do it yourself.

Companies that claim you will be able to design a professional website by yourself for only a few dollars a month will let you put yourself out there online and not really care what happens. A website can be a lot of things but primarily it's going to be a tool to market and sell and many visitor's first impression. Do you know anything about usability? Do you know how to get your site to show up in search results pages? Do you know how to structure the navigation and organize your content? Do you know that some content is more valuable than others? Those are just a few critical questions to answer. 

Good luck building your website. Doing it yourself also means you're on your own. If you choose to hire a professional, even just to consult on what's best for you, give a call at 845-667-9031 or contact us online